The Story so far

Having completed 2 quarters of my MFA in Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art & Design, I can now share my experience. Most of you are thinking:

“Is Graduate School worth my time since I already completed an undergraduate in the same major, at the same school, and have substantial working experience, and a portfolio?”

I would say that’s a silly question. Since when were there absolute parameters to determine if something is worth our time or how meaningful our actions are? I intentionally made a plan to complete Graduate Studies because I want to become a teacher…


CoMotion is an annual student-led motion graphics conference at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Every year, the CoMotion branding contest is held in the Fall quarter, when everyone is given an opportunity to pitch the creative direction for next year’s CoMotion title sequence and event branding. All submissions are anonymous, and the winner is voted on by the students in one of the club meetings. The winner gets to become the Creative Director and select their team members to take on the design and animation of the CoMotion title sequence and the event deliverables such as graphic design…


The following article covers the origin and journey of setting up my After Effects tutorial YouTube channel called NoSleepCreative that I have been running since Dec 29, 2019. The mission of NoSleepCreative is to be a creative resource to give people the skills they need to create a killer portfolio, land their dream Motion Design jobs, and clients that they want!

The journey was not an easy one, and my writings encapsulate my love of teaching, the pursuit of “perfection”, my moments of success and how I got to them, and tips for those who are interested in running their…

How I got my 2nd full scholarship to do graduate studies

“I sent out two messages to the Universe, and if I do not get any responses, then maybe I am meant for bigger things,” I said to my counselor not long after quarantine began in late March 2020. I had been working on getting things together for a promotion at WarnerMedia Studios and at the same time preparing for an interview for an additional scholarship for graduate school. I had always wanted to do graduate studies so I can become a professor or teach at a college-level institution, and I had planned to do that within five years after I…

“What was the point of writing this?” I thought to myself with an empty word document in front of me. “There is no chance of me getting a full scholarship anyway, let me just wing it tomorrow.” Those were the thoughts I had the night before my interview for Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) enrollment; I had to submit an essay about why studying abroad is a good idea, and I did not see a reason why I should even try when it is highly unlikely for the school to give a full-ride.

Let’s rewind, in late 2015…


Hello, I am Desmond Du, a freelance VFX/ Motion Graphics Artist.

I worked for Double Negative Singapore for four months before its closure in late March. Employment was a struggle due to the mass layoff and fresh graduates coming out from schools. It was evident that Singapore’s visual effects and animation industry was declining.

David Kwok, CEO of Tiny Island Productions, saw a need to address this issue. He and Tiny Island invited those who have been laid off and fresh graduates to a briefing at their office . …

Desmond Du

Motion Designer based in Savannah, Georgia // //

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